Custom Cabinets


Ananich Construction is a full-service contractor. We are committed to providing all of our customers with the highest quality service, competitive rates, and experienced, conscientious personnel. Whether you are building a custom home, adding a room or improving your office, we will get the job done right. We are licensed, bonded and insured for both Residential and Commercial Construction.


Your kitchen is an integral part of your home and its functionality, aesthetics and over all presence should be as vibrant and inviting. This is where friends, family, neighbors all meet to enjoy a meal and solidify the bond that originally brings them together in the first place. Having an outdated, cramped or a generally untidy kitchen can take away from that crucial experience. That being said, remodeling your kitchen is a very common endeavor, however it can be difficult to hire a remodeling company that is knowledgeable and professional. Founded on honesty and integrity and a genuine drive to help customers, our long standing tenure in the remodeling and renovation industry reflects that. AnanichConstruction enjoys a very loyal customer base due to the quality of our kitchen remodels and the professionalism we bring to the table. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your kitchen from the tile to the ceiling and the cabinets and sink in between, we are a one-stop shop that’s able handle any scale of work!


Remodelling your bathroom, be it just upgrading cabinetry, modernizing tiling, his/her sinks or even just texturing and painting, can prove to be a larger project than originally anticipated. Mishaps and hurdles are very common when taking on a remodeling job of any scale which is why it’s very important to invest in a company that has vast experience in identifying problems when renovating a bathroom and determining a viable solution. Ananich Construction is a renowned company in the remodeling industry that not only embraces innovative renovations, but pioneers them as well. Having a great amount of experience in all facets of bathroom remodeling, tiling, backsplash, vanity upgrades, bathtub updates, custom cabinetry and sink repair/replacement, we are more than equipped to surpass competitors and make the dream of your bathroom remodel a reality!

Specialized Remodeling

Providing stellar project overview and management, Ananich Construction can provide invaluable insights for several general contracting inquiries in addition to supplying custom flooring and wrought-iron railing/stairways of unrivaled quality. Each and every project we undertake is done so with the understanding that originality and a customer’s influence is essential to accurately cater to their needs. With Ananich Construction, we provide affordable prices for commercial and residential constructs, repairs, installation and general project management. If you’re in the market for a customized, illustrious flooring ensemble, or possibly a made-to-order, specialized railing design, you’ve definitely reached the right place! Our flooring experts are able to compose amazing designs that encompass all materials used for high-end and economical flooring: hardwood, laminate, tile and ultra-resilient LVT synthetics. Without exception, every project receives the utmost diligence and attention to ensure your satisfaction. Safety first, aesthetics second - that’s the guideline we always strive for when we are devising your customized railing, stairway, banister or patio containment!

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