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Custom Homes

By combining our decades of experience with our flair for bold, yet tasteful, custom designs and constructs, we are second to none in the customized, luxury home-building industry; and are purposely client specific to embody the true originality that we represent. When we claim to be the best in the custom home industry, largely due to our “full-coverage” claim, we mean just that: extensive coverage, from the foundation of your luxury home to ridge of your customized roofing system that is unmatched in Grand Blanc Michigan and the surrounding areas. For a more detailed description of our services, coverage, and what each entails, please continue below.

How It Works,

When you’re reaching the point in life where you’re ready to plant your roots so to speak, and purchase/build your luxury home for you and your family, it’s an equally exciting as well as daunting time for any potential home buyers. With that in mind, we take into consideration the newness and unfamiliarity a new homeowner experiences and conform our services and degrees of involvement to match the needs of our clients. In order for us to completely customize your home’s design and create something truly unique. For our client’s convenience, we’ve expanded our custom home coverage to include but not be limited to customized design and expert construction.

Customized Design

The first and most crucial step towards rendering a custom home design begins with the on-site assessment. This allows our surveyor(s) and design teams a valuable opportunity to visit the property and familiarize themselves with the layout as well as get a general basis from the customer to begin the design detailing. During this juncture, it's also imperative that we establish the budget to be designated for our client’s custom home building project. This enables us to proceed efficiently and accurately with the designing aspect of the new house construction: with supplies and materials, logistics & labor in addition to any permitting and coding requirements. Each home is as different as each client we are contracted with and we’ve embraced that abundant diversity.

Expert Construction

After we’ve completed our preliminary design and site assessment, we are ready to proceed with the actual construction and installation of your custom home’s foundation, framing, and features. By consulting the home’s customized plan set that we specifically outline for each client’s “new house construction,” we are able to track, monitor and project the job’s progress and provide accurate foresight throughout. Using only the choicest materials already predetermined with the client, our licensed specialists ensure each phase of construction is up to safety standards as well as the client’s preferences. Having been such a fixture in the luxury home industry for as long as Ananich Construction has, we have cultivated excellent relationships with several vendors and manufacturers, and we make it a point to utilize those advantages for every client’s project. If you would like to know more, or a have an inquiry for one of our designers or specialists directly, please call us at your earliest convenience.

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free in home consultation, please give us a call at 810-691-5687.

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