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Every secure and sturdy commercial property, regardless if they are tall & towering or squat & sprawling, have something significant in common: the structural integrity of their building is directly contingent on the soundness of its framework. Much like the skeleton of a human, the framing of a building determines the scope, shape & size, as well as the durability, longevity & serviceability. For such a pivotal aspect of your construction project, it’s highly recommended to entrust that to our proven and trusted professionals at Ananich Construction.


Whether you’re seeking a framing contractor for an upgrade to an existing structure or it’s green construction for a brand new building, Ananich Construction excels in all facets of framing on a commercial level. Our comprehensive plansets coupled with our familiarity of the local commercial landscape allows us to map out and design your project precisely and accurately. During the design stage, we factor in all variables: lumber/wood, hardware, repurposing materials, framing tools & equipment, permitting, inspection requirements and zoning approvals. Single-story, or multi-phase projects, or somewhere in between - we are more than equipped to handle any and all commercial projects.


Accounting for all peaks and valleys for material costs and availability, we ensure that the custom design that Ananich Construction devised for your project is prompt and budget compliant. From labor logistics to weather restrictions, we account for everything and adroitly address any issues as they arise. With all labor done in-house, we are able to guarantee deadlines and provide accountability for a project’s progression. Because of the ties to our local suppliers and manufacturers, Ananich Construction enjoys professional benefits and recognition accumulated through years of mutual business and a stellar reputation.


The final stage of your project, the installation, is often the most crucial phase. With the high demand for commercial construction services, it’s unfortunately not unheard of for an inexperienced client to be taken advantage of or not receive what was promised by a less than honest contractor. Considering we place such a high emphasis on our reputation and customer loyalty, we go out of our way to not only meet, but surpass our customer’s expectations. When the installation phase is underway, our teams work tirelessly to ensure each milestone is reached and the project progresses on schedule and with minimal hiccups. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a meet & greet, please feel free to call today!

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free in home consultation, please give us a call at 810-691-5687.

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