Welcome to Ananich Construction, a company formed to provide general contracting services and subcontract work in the residential and light commercial industries. We are a licensed builder in the State of Michigan and have been involved in residential and commercial construction since 1994. Ananich Construction takes pride in the fact that all jobs have been completed on time and in a safe and professional manner.


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Whether you are looking to start a remodeling project in your kitchen, bathroom or office space, Ananich Construction can complete the perfect project for your property.

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Ananich Construction has the ability to create a construction set of plans from the simplest of ideas. We can quickly have your idea on paper and on budget.

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The experts at Ananich Construction are here to help you with all residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and miscellaneous painting projects that you have.

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Custom Home Construction

Custom Home Construction

Searching the secondary market for a home that fits your lifestyle can be very time consuming and stressful. Once you’ve discovered the home that meets most of your qualifications, then you must consider a home inspection and the additional building costs that may be required to attain the home features you need to make your home truly custom for you.

Avoid the added headache that comes with buying an after market home by investing in a custom new home project. The potential cost of a custom home can often start within the same range as an after-market home. Many people are surprised that their ideal home is within reach with Ananich Construction. Whether you desire an semi-custom home also known as a turn-key home, or a custom new home designed and built to your specifications, Ananich Construction can make the custom home buying process easy to manage without going outside of your home purchase budget.

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Individualized Remodeling


Ananich Construction offers expert remodeling services from projects like room additions to projects like painting. No job is too big or too small. We have countless design and craftsmanship hours and portfolios to showcase.

If you are looking to do major renovations, Ananich offers some of the best top-to-bottom remodel contractor services in Michigan. Once we have the design laid out, our remodeling specialists will provide clean, efficient, expert installation on every facet of your new and improved remodeling project. You're truly going to love it.

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If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free in home consultation, please give us a call at 810-691-5687.

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